About Us

The story 
There is a story behind every creation, 
At Ally Rosez we believe in inclusivity in the arts industry (no one should be left behind). The founder Shamiso Zvandasara (MA, UWS) is a professional artist who has faced a lot of barriers as a disabled woman at the beginning of her career.  The company’s name is inspired  
by her mother Rosemary Zvandasara who is also an entrepreneur.  
From a young age, Shamiso was excluded and barred from attending several talent programs - she worked very hard to get industry support and taught herself to dance and perform by watching MTV music videos.
Visit - www.shamierosez.com to learn more about her journey. 
The Mission 

We challenge the world’s perception with our 'real life' characters featured on some of our products overcoming adversaries and stereotypes. We aim to nurture the underrepresented, those that never get a chance to shine, and those that are constantly overlooked because of their background.

We create a space for our young students, adults, artists and creative individuals ensuring spaces on our courses and creative programs for British/ Scottish/BIPOC/Afro-Scots & Scottish minority communities and disabled individuals. We offer both offline and online creative activities that encourage people to improve their well-being, health, and confidence in their innate creativity.

Loyalty and assurance
We extend loyalty to our members, students, partners, corporate customers, creative professionals, and students attending our classes. 

Future Goals
- Extend our dance services to other countries 
- Giving back to the community initiative
- Magazine publication and offering more paid opportunities for artists.
Business courses for 
- Freelancers/creative professionals/creative students/  - in 2024 

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Ally Rosez
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